Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by anger?

Do you sometimes feel restless and just want to escape?

Do you sometimes feel troubled by undefined fears?

Do you sometimes feel disappointed and angry with yourself?

Be grateful, since you are in touch with the Dragons.

Most of us try to run away from the Dragons. Or we try to fight them. Both will never work.

We can run away from the Dragons, but we will never reach a place where we truly feel fulfilled.

We can fight the Dragons, but we will never win. On the contrary, the harder we fight, the more we get burned.

We can’t do harm to the Dragons. But we can do harm to ourselves and the people we love.

You have the whole rest of your life.

If you become friends with the Dragons, they will give you strength.

They are here to help you stop pushing yourself down.

They are here to help you find what is really meaningful to you.

They are here to help you be someone to whom others can connect.

No need to walk the path alone.

Find a Dragonguide.

Face reality. Become a Dragonfriend.